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Psychological Associate Candidate (Texas)

Licensed Psychological Associate (Kentucky)

Direct Office: (903) 634-7791


Psychological Evaluations

Educational Evaluations

Career and Vocational Assessments

Substance Abuse Assessments


Adult & Adolescent Psychotherapy

Child Psychotherapy

Group Psychotherapy


Court Appointed Mediations (certified)

Community Outreach & Education

Graduate-Level Research




- Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.), Expected 2021


- Predoctoral Internship


- Master of Arts (M.A.) in Psychology



- Bachelor of Arts & Sciences (B.A.A.S.) in Health & Human Services



- Associate of Applied Sciences (A.A.S.) in Substance Abuse Counseling

- Certificate in Substance Abuse Prevention and Mental Healthcare


- Certificate in Texas Court-Ordered Mediation


Mr. Chee is a native of Queens, New York, but has been in Texas for over 20 years (however, he still adamantly identifies as a Yankee).  He worked for several years in general business and healthcare administration before deciding to return to college.  Currently, he is a doctoral candidate at Alliant International University pursuing a Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degree. He has temporarily relocated to Kentucky, where he is the chief psychological provider at The Kentucky Department of Corrections, Southeast State Correctional Complex. There, he treats inmates for a variety of conditions ranging from depression and anxiety to pervasive personality disorders (common disorders include borderline and antisocial personality). He conducts evaluations, individual psychotherapy, and group psychotherapy. He will return to our clinic in 2021, where he will complete his postdoctoral fellowship.


Prior to his doctoral studies, Mr. Chee was a graduate student at Medaille College where he received a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Psychology, which permitted him to apply for licensure in the state of Texas as an LPA (Licensed Psychological Associate).  Mr. Chee is a proud alumnus (along with Dr. Harrison, and Mrs. Chapman) of the University of North Texas, where he graduated magna cum laude (high honors) with a bachelors degree in Health and Human Services.  Prior to his bachelor's, he also studied Substance Abuse Counseling at Eastfield College (a program designed to lead to licensure as a licensed chemical dependency counselor, though he ultimately decided to obtain a higher level of licensure). He graduated with both an Associate of Applied Sciences (A.A.S.) in Substance Abuse Counseling, and a certificate in Mental Health & Substance Abuse Prevention -- both with high honors.  He is most passionate about counseling psychology, community outreach, and clinical psychology within the framework of the public school system (especially as it relates to at-risk youth). 

When in our clinic, Mr. Chee works with adult patients on occasion, but dedicates a large portion of his supervised-practice to working with adolescents and young adults.  Mr. Chee occasionally offers psychological testing and consults on the evaluation of other patients within the clinical team setting. However, his passion is in counseling, substance abuse, and community psychotherapy.  He has consulting relationships with local school districts. When he does offer psychological testing, it is generally focused on emotional, personality, and developmental testing.

As for forensic practice, Mr. Chee is a Texas-court-appointed mediator, having completed training pursuant to Chapter 154.052 (a) Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code and the standards of the Texas Mediation Trainers Roundtable. He is also a contracted visitation supervisor with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), as well as a court-appointed visitation supervisor.  He is proud to dedicate a portion of his time working with the Lamar County Juvenile Probation Office.


In his spare time, he enjoys watching the Giants beat the Cowboys, the Yankees beat the Rangers, the Knicks beat the Mavericks (although he’ll admit that the Mavericks aren’t too bad), visiting New York, looking at pictures of New York, and otherwise eating, sleeping, and breathing, New York. If you do not believe us, just stroll into his office. His primary hobby is basketball, though he's a lover of all sports. He also has an interest in architecture and traveling.

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American Psychological Association

Texas Psychological Association

Northeast Texas Counseling Association

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