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Career Interest Testing & Coaching

For students who have no clue what they want to do in high school, we can help in two ways: first, we provide a battery of tests that can help illuminate paths for you based on your interests; and second, we conduct one or two face-to-face coaching sessions where we gather more information that tests cannot measure, like temperament, demeanor, warmth, and other important aspects that might help us best highlight some great options for you. We'll explore things like how much money you want to make... do you prefer fast paced or slow paced environments... do you like to work with a team or solo... do you like a lot of responsibility, or carrying out tasks and letting someone else be responsible for the big stuff... and in what geographical area are most interested in living.

Undergraduate Admissions & Advising

If there's one thing psychologists know a lot about, it's going to school. One problem many high school students face, is what they "want to be when they grow up," let alone know to what colleges they should apply! We can help with that. Often, getting into one's first choice requires a strategic plan that involves taking the right classes, majoring in the right extracurriculars, maintaining the rights grades, etc. Another question we often get asked is: "what is the best way for me to become a [insert any profession here]?" In other words, sometimes a student may know their end-game, but have no idea of the most efficient way to get their. What should you major in to get into law school? Do you have to have a bachelor's degree before you go to law school? What if you want to go to business school? What's the fastest way to become an accountant? Can I be an architect with only a bachelors degree? What is the best path to take to become a nurse? A teacher? We can help with all these questions, plus walk you through the application process, and help you understand basic financial aid options.

Graduate School Admissions & Advising

As we approach 2020, the bachelor's degree is becoming more and more like a high school diploma. Graduate school is becoming the norm to enter into various professions. We can sit down and explain the various standardized tests for entry into graduate school: GRE (for most master and doctoral liberal arts majors), LSAT (for law school), MCAT (for medical school), and GMAT (for business school). What accreditations are most important for your major? However, what is probably most valuable in graduate advising is the application process. Your application (especially for law school) should tell a story. We will explain the process to you, and help you revise your entrance essays. We will go over the options for who should write your letters of recommendations. (We are also able to consult on applications to the ivies.)



Career assessment: the entire package is generally between $300-$400, which can include some in-person coaching sessions if needed.


Advising Only: generally around $120 an hour, depending on which advisor you work with. We pair you with an advisor, based on your interest. Your advisor will either be a Ph.D., M.B.A., J.D., M.D., or licensed nurse.

If you are a church or a school, and wish to purchase the assessment package for more than one high schooler in your congregation, we will gladly offer discounts & and a certificate you can present them with.

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