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How Can Psychology Help My Organization?


Organizational Systems Consulting

Most industrial and organizational psychologists licensed in Texas can only work in the industrial/organizational realm (they cannot practice clinical psychology). We, however, work in both sectors. Several of us either come from business backgrounds or we have been to business school. Whether your "system" is a factory, a church, a school, a police department, or a global non-profit, business psychologists can act as "the doctors of your system." We can come to you with a bag of magic tricks (usually a custom designed set of tests) that help us "take the temperature" of your organization. From there will will assess how your team views their role in the organization, how functional the system's lines of communication are, how healthy the company "culture" seems to be, and more. The process is usually very extensive, and used to require travel. However today, we generally offer this through videoconferencing, unless there is a need to visit the facility. At the end of the project, we provide a written set of recommendations as well as conduct a corporate meeting where key players in the system can hear the results and ask as many questions as they like.

Business Coaching & Growth

Coaching is not psychotherapy. Where psychotherapy is very process-oriented, coaching is very action-oriented. With that said, a good coach will have at least some familiarity with process-based approaches as well. Generally, coaching is provided by the company to higher-level executives who need to hone in on goals, and maximize their strengths while developing a plan to address limitations. It will come as no surprise that highly successful execs are often troubled with anxiety and depression, and even more often: ADHD. In fact, a recent study found a significant correlation between ADHD an highly successful businesswomen. Coaching can help play to strengths, zero in, create focus, and strategically obtain goals. This service can offered either through videoconference or email/phone.

Product Marketing & Advertising

We can offer psychological services to marketing, advertising, and even sales teams. Generally, marketing and advertising consultation stems from an initial focus group, followed by a re-work, then another focus group. Sales, on the other hand, is a totally different approach. We can consult on sales projects, but only in a limited capacity. It is our preference to only work with sales teams when the primary focus is on advertising and marketing. We work with both services and products, and can design focus groups from any demographic. We also review relevant sections of business plans for entrepreneurs prior to pitches as well as provide pitch feedback. These services can be offered through video conferencing if needed. 

Consulting packages are highly customized.

Generally, packages can range from 2k to well over 10k for long-term projects.

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